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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Category: Events

Prof. Ward joins National Academy of Sciences panel

Stephen Ward is one of 18 scholars invited to join a two-year study by the National Academy of Sciences. The committee’s task is to study the  “Ethical and Societal Implications of Advances in Militarily Significant Technologies that are Rapidly Changing and Increasingly Globally Accessible,” and ultimately provide advice and policy guidance.  The committee met in Washington, DC on January 12-13, 2012, and will meet again in the spring.  

Alumni debate value of partisan media

Prof. Stephen Ward led a lively discussion on the democratic value of partisan media among UW alumni in Orlando on Feb. 9.

Orlando alumni Andy and Barbara McEachron hosted a Bascom Hill Society Faculty Showcase which featured Ward’s presentation “The Future of Journalism: Partisan or Impartial?”

At issue was the apparent growth of a more partisan press on TV and elsewhere. Is the partisan press overwhelming more moderate forms of opinion journalism? Is this a trend about which citizens should worry?

Ward’s presentation was one in a series of faculty showcase events sponsored by the UW Foundation. The events help to keep the university in touch with badgers around the country.