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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Drone Journalism Training – Participant Info

Full Syllabus from Poynter

New Drone Research

Newly released Center for Journalism Ethics white paper on public opinion of drone journalism

Food and Drink

The Friday Night Fish Fry is a Wisconsin tradition. If you want the full cheesehead experience, head to one of these spots Friday night. They’re all road-tested and J-School-approved.

Other Favorites Worth Trying

Walking Distance from Vilas Hall or DoubleTree Hotel

Dotty Dumpling’s Dowry, great burgers

Vintage Spirits and Grill, known for beers and “Irish nachos”

Nitty Gritty, Madison’s Birthday Bar, known for a special sauce on their burgers

Porta Bella, known for throwback Italian interior and the Porta Salad, which is more meat than lettuce

Short Stack, 24-hour breakfast. Yes, you can get 4 a.m. waffles in Madison.

Long Walk or Short Cab

Head to the Monroe Street Area for Katy’s Top Choices

Brasserie V, known as one of the best beer collections in town and moule frites you’d sell your mother for

Pizza Brutta, wood-fired and amazeballs

Brocach or Gates and Brovi, both noted above for fish fry too

Walk up to the Capitol Area

Paisan’s, great pizza and Italian food with views of Lake Monona

Cooper’s Tavern, tiny space, great sandwiches. Upstairs will probably be open, and it has a breathtaking view of the capitol.

The Old Fashioned, riffs off the traditional Wisconsin supper club — be sure to order a Brandy Old Fashioned

Restaurant Muramoto, Asian fusion by one of the Midwest’s top chef

Graze, lower-priced restaurant by Tory Miller, known as Madison’s best chef and restaurateur

Wanna Spend More and Splurge on Madison’s Best?

L’Etoile, most expensive restaurant here but Tory will give you a meal you remember

Cento, Katy’s favorite higher-end Madison restaurant, try the ceviche

Smoky’s Supper Club, a Madison icon, steaks in the $40 range, meet Martini Bob and tell him Pomegranate Katy sent you

Sardine on Lake Monona, mussels are highly rated

Lombardino’s, actually not that expensive and the prosciutto and arugula pizza is outstanding

Johnny Delmonico’s, known for expensive steaks

Tornado Club, battles Delmonico’s in the downtown steak place race

Tempest Oyster Bar, the cilantro oyster shots are well worth a whirl


If you’re in Madison, you must visit Wisconsin Union’s terrace.  Waterfront al fresco seating areas with brats, burgers, beer and ice cream. If you’re not with a someone who has a UW ID, you can obtain a guest pass online or in person.

Babcock Dairy closes at 4 p.m. But, it’s the iconic location of all things Wisconsin. From cheese to ice cream to a special Bucky coffee blend. If you can’t make it to the other side of campus before they close, you can still get Babcock ice cream at Daily Scoop locations around campus, including the Memorial Union while you’re there for the Terrace.

By Request

Some of you are asking for specific recommendations. Yay!

Thai food in walking distance: Rising Sons on State Street but note it’s cash only, no credit cards. (If you’re willing to short cab or Uber, Sa-Bai Thong really is the best Thai food in town.)

Greasy burger: Blue Moon, a short cab or Uber, true Wisconsin tavern