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Join us as we address the issues facing 21st century journalism in a world of Wikileaks, NSA sweeps, corporate cooperation, whistleblowers and data mining.

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2014 Conference

Surveillance, Security & Journalism Ethics

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Documentaries: Journalism but not necessary unbiased journalism

In general, documentaries’ have evolved as a distinguished genre and separated themselves from more entertainment-oriented Hollywood movies through a foundation of unbiased, fact-based journalism.  However, documentaries that advocate for a specific cause do not always present an unbiased narrative. Blackfish, a 2013 documentary, presents a harrowing narrative of whales in captivity, especially at SeaWorld–focusing on one event ...

Making yourself the Story: American Journalists and the 2014 Olympic games

Although the Olympics are supposed to be all about international sportsmanship, for many journalists, the games often become a critique of the host country’s politics. During Beijing’s 2008 games, journalists wrote about China’s human rights violations. And two years later in Vancouver, they questioned the displacement of Canadians in preparation for the games. These types ...

Publishing classified information leads to search of reporter’s private email account

U.S. authorities used an affidavit as legal means to search a journalist’s private emails after he published classified national defense information. The U.S. state department official who gave the information to the journalist will likely serve a 13-month prison sentence for passing classified information to a journalist. A story James Rosen, a reporter for Fox News, ...

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