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Retracted Rolling Stone sexual assault story fallout is about more than just poor fact checking

The journalistic failures of Rolling Stone, both ethically and practically, in their reporting of a horrific sexual assault on the campus of the University of Virginia offers a stark example of how wrong things can go when an artfully worded and compelling narrative appears to have bypassed the fact-checking desk entirely on its way to publication. While there ...

Local news stations contribute to Nevada Attorney General race; posing questions

While allowable by Nevada state law, the $40,000 donation made by Intermountain West Communications and its local affiliates to a Nevada Attorney General candidate raised some ethical eyebrows as it was revealed. Local NBC affiliates in Reno, Las Vegas and Elko made the contributions to Democratic Attorney General candidate Ross Miller, according to a recent article posted by Nevada ...

Nominations for the 2015 Anthony Shadid Award for Journalism Ethics are now open

The Anthony Shadid Award for Journalism Ethics recognizes outstanding application of ethical standards by an individual journalist or group of journalists. The award is named after Anthony Shadid, a University of Wisconsin-Madison alumnus and foreign reporter for the Washington Post and The New York Times. Mr. Shadid won two Pulitzer Prizes for his courageous and informed journalism. ...

“The Five” host Kimberly Guilfoyle tells young women not to vote; virality ensues

FOX News Channel’s “The Five,” host Kimberly Guilfoyle’s  comment recently that young women should be “excused” from voting in this election and instead “go back to Tinder and” received nearly universal condemnation from most online news sources. Averaging about 2 million viewers per episode, “The Five” is not nearly FNC’s most-watched show, but Guilfoyle’s rant ...

Presenting sponsorships in online verticals highlight need for more transparency

Online news sources see opportunity in developing subscription-based verticals, or separate sites that focus on specific areas such as energy, healthcare or e-commerce.  Theses sites can rationalize pay wall protection because they require specialized reporting resources but have a limited audience appeal.  Politico Pro offers 14 verticals, the newest being one addressing labor and employment. ...

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