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truth, trust and the future of journalism

Keynote Conversation with Margaret Sullivan

The Washington Post’s Margaret Sullivan was the keynote speaker at the Center for Journalism Ethics’ 2017 conference: Truth, Trust and the Future of Journalism. CJE director Kathleen Culver interviewed Sullivan for this keynote conservation.

The Responsibility & Challenge of Truth: Fact, Fiction and News

Moderated by Jason Shepard (California State University -Fullerton). Panelists: Lucas Graves (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Ken Vogel (Politico), Raney Aronson-Rath (PBS FRONTLINE) and Jason Stein (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel).

Blind Beliefs? Conspiracies, Hoaxes and Disinformation

Moderated by Michael Wager (University of Wisconsin-Madison). Panelists: Deborah Blum (MIT), Charlie Sykes (RightWisconsin), Joanne Miller (University of Minnesota).

Where Do We Go From Here? Solutions in an Allegedly Post-Truth Era

Moderated by Jill Geisler (Loyola University Chicago). Panelists: Michelle Ye Hee Lee (Washington Post), Stephen Ward (University of British Columbia), Dawn Garcia (Stanford) and Marty Kaiser (Democracy Fund).


Panel 1 – Representing Race: Language, Imagery, Sources and Issues for Journalists

Panel 2 – Education Matters: Covering Racial Dynamics and Examining Journalism’s Role

Panel 3 – Questions of Justice: Crime, Inequality and News Media

Panel 4 – Tomorrow’s Work: Moving Forward on Race and Journalism

2015: Ethics and Sports Journalism

Keynote – Robert Lipsyte

Session 1 – Investigating Sports

Session 2 – Race, Gender and Sexuality

Session 3 – Criticism and Vitriol

Plenary Session – Ethics and the Power of Money

Shadid Award: Chicago Tribune

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2014: Surveillance, Security and Journalism Ethics

Keynote – Eric Lichtblau

Session 1 – Protecting Sources and Data

Session 2 – Ethical Bounds of Tools for Watching, Scraping and Sensing

Radical Rethink – Do New Security Challenges Require New Norms?

Shadid Award: Associated Press

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2013: Shaping the News

2013 conference archives coming soon!

2012: Ethics & Elections

Keynote – Tom Rosentiel

Session 1 – Fact-Checking Elections

Session 2 – Political Advertising

Breakout – Tweets and Votes

Shadid Award: Tribute to Anthony Shadid

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2011: Partisan Media

Keynote – Tony Burman

Session 1 – Rise and Fall of Partisan

Session 2 – National Partisan Radio?

Session 3 – Who Funds Your News?

Session 4 – Partisan Media Across

Session 5 – Polling and Polarization

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2010: New Journalism, New Ethics?

Session 1 – New Journalism Ecosystem

Session 2 – New Investigative Newsrooms

Session 3 – Bridging the Gaps

Session 4 – Verification in Journalism

Session 5 – International Revolution

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2009: Future of Ethical Journalism

Keynote – Clark Hoyt

Session 1 – Surviving the Media

Session 2 – Tough Calls in the Newsroom

Session 3 – Future of Investigative Journalism

Session 4 – New Media and Ethics

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