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Past In the News postings

May 2010

Covering disaster: How far is too far? RadioNetherlandsWorldwide
Interview with young crash victim: Invasion of privacy or a good story?

Setback for press in North Iraq NY Times (5-18-2010) 
Murder of a young journalist sparks angry protest by Kurdish reporters

Journalist quits over “self-censorship” TheNutGraph/Malaysia (5-19-2010) 
Malaysian TV producer leaves job, campaigns to end political interference in media

“Flash stars” — real or fake? Christian Science Monitor (5-18-2010) 
Fake viral campaigns are flooding the Internet

Citizen journalists in closed societies (5-12-2010) 
Arab Media Forum attracts 2000 participants, explores power shifts & citizen media

New “Charter for Journalist Ethics” tested Georgian Times/Georgia (5-10-2010) 
In post-Soviet Georgia, media council sanctions TV host for allowing anti-gay statements

Journalists shield law fails in Canada Toronto Star (5-13-2010) 
Canadian high court rejects legal protection of sources

Magazine watchdogs news on Supreme Court nominee Vanity Fair (5/11/2010) 
Vanity Fair spotlights Wall St Journal’s use of 17-year-old photo of Elena Kagan

March 2010

Saudi journalists form club for support, protection Arab News/Saudi Arabia (3-19-2010) Media professionals in Saudi Arabia ask govt permission for “Jedda Club”

China: Reporters must learn Marxism Associated Press/Bejing (3-11-2010) Chinese government to rein in media, enforce “Communist Party discipline.”

ABC’s checkbook journalism National Public Radio (3-19-2010) ABC News under fire for $200K payment to defendant Casey Anthony

Thai ethics code follows AussiesPhuketwan/Thailand (3-20-2010) Phuket Island media group adopts Australian ethics code for publications

Turkish media in “identity crisis” Today’s Zaman/Turkey (03-02-2010) UNESCO-sponsored conference looks at democratization pressures on media in Turkey, Balkans

Ethics in a new-media world The Independent/UK (03-01-2010) UK Journalism professor lauds independent media’s role as government watchdog.

“Legacy media” should listen Univ of Southern California News (03-01-2010) J-school host talk on the changing face of news; education as a two-way road

Let Haiti tell its own story The Digital Journalist/International (March, 2010) Prize-winning photographer argues for local control of visual narrative

February 2010

Editor questions media tactics Sofia Echo/Bulgaria (02-20-10) Coverage of child abuse case in Bulgaria: A tangle of law, ethics, and privacy.

Blogger dogs strange plagiarism case BlueOregon (02-23-10) Politician “borrows” speech on climate change from two newspaper editorials

New chair has “preoccupation with ethics” CTV/Montreal(02-19-10) Quebec Press Council chooses John Gomery, retired judge & government critic, as new president

Delhi minister: Report both sides MyNews/India (02-20-2010) Chief Minister Sheila Dakshit hope new journalists avoid “negativism” and bias

Burmese dissent – via Norway (2-8-2010) Democratic Voice of Burma: Scandinavian radio an outlet for independent journalism

Conflict and objectivity New York Times (02-06-2010) Times’ bureau chief has son in Israeli military: Can father’s coverage be objective?

UAE court fines TV station Reuters India/Dubai (2-02-2010) Al Arabiya fined $27K for failing to air interview with Saudi prince

Bribing reporters in China? Global Times/China (02-02-2010) Mining disaster highlights pressures on Chinese journalists

Should Filipino journalists carry guns? The National/Philippines (2-1-2010) After Nov. 09 massacre of 31 reporters, “It’s not a question of ethics, it’s a question of protection…”

Reporter investigates peddling of medical “miracles” Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal/US (2-2-2010)Bioethics meets media ethics: Report highlights companies’ use of unwitting journalists (2nd in series)

Arab media face unique challenges Gulf News/Dubai (2-1-2010) International Federation of Journalists official looks at changing face of media in Arab world

January 2010

Will economic liberalization lead to “paid news?” NetIndian/New Delhi (1-28-2010) As Indian markets grow, so does the danger of purchased reporting, Vice President Ansari tells news groups.

Dubai court fines TV station The Peninsula/Qatar (1-01-2010) Al Arabiya TV charged with ethics breach for failing to air interview with Saudi prince

Ethics workshop in Bhutan Kuensel Online/Bhutan (1-01-2010) Journalists wrestle with law, ethics & public interest in 3-day workshop

December 2009

Facebook covers Copenhagen Climate Pool/Facebook (12/09) Reporters collaborate on Facebook to report climate change

High marks on tough stories PhilStar/Philippines (12-16-2009) NGO: Filipino news does better ethical reporting on child trafficking

Free online classes @ BBC Guardian/UK (12-14-2009) “BBC Academy” lets journalists teach the public and competitors

Ownership and objectivity New York Times/US (12-13-2009) NY Times columnist examines rightward tilt at Wall St. Journal

Media conglomeration in Chile Inter_Press_Service (12-03-2009) Chilean journalist writes of press freedom versus press consolidation

Newspaper Association: We need innovation Hyderabad, India (12-05-2009) World Association of Newspapers wrestles with shrinking audiences, new demands

November 2009

17 journalists among 52 killed Manila Bulletin (11-25-2009) On the eve of elections, as massacre in the Philippine countryside.

UN to consider speech freedom Christian Science Monitor (11-24-2009) As UN prepares to debate “religious defamation”, poll says Muslim nations want more limits on speech.

Critic of Chinese government jailed Sydney Morning Herald (11-25-2009) Activist exposes govt culpability in earthquake deaths; gets 3 yrs in prison.

Iran releases Canadian reporter YnetNews/ Israel (11-23-2009) Newsweek reporter set free after 4 months; accused of spying.

Government or self-regulation? Saturday Post/Zambia (11-07-2009) Zambian media holds government to account; Parliament debates bias and regulation

Ethics & news-industry partnerships New York Times (11-05-2009) Newsweek claims industry-sponsored news forums no conflict, but ethicists disagree

Media in India gaining money, power The Hindu/India (11-05-2009) New Delhi workshop on “Parliament and the Media” examines money, conflict, privilege

October 2009

Guards nab reporter’s phone, camera News Today/Philippines (10-20-09) National Union of Journalists condemns harassment of photographer at governor’s mansion.

Twitter in the court! The Australian (10-19-09) Federal judge in copyright case lets reporters “tweet” stories from courtroom.

Stricter TV rules ahead? Daily Star/Bangladesh (10-20-09) Bangladesh government hints at “minimum standards” for broadcast ethics

NPR guidelines for social media National Public Radio (10-15-2009) Reporters’ expanding use of social media prompts new guidelines for NPR employees

Rome: Huge rally for press freedom Guardian UK (10-10-09) Italy’s Berlusconi under fire for press intimidation; EU Parliament to discuss media pluralism.

Turkish court rules against journalist Today’s Zaman/Turkey (10-06-09) Citing privacy invasion, Istanbul court issues fine & jail sentence for reporter’s use of quotes in terror group story.

Fiji censorship troubles press group MediaNewsline/New Delhi (10-02-09) Int’l Fed of Journalists to Aussie group: Don’t hold meeting where censorship prevails.

September 2009

Press ban lifted in Sudan ReutersAfrica/Khartoum (09-27-2009) Editors still cautious, but Sudan’s president lifts official news ban after years of censorship.

Ethics and the ACORN sting Los Angeles Times/US (09-23-2009) Politics, ethics, and guerrilla video…just the beginning?

AP Afghan war photo sparks debate Mindanao Examiner(09-26-2009) Controversial photo of dying US soldier prompts ethical musing — among Asian photojournalists.

Publisher issued summons for anti-Chavez remark Latin American Herald Tribune/ Venezuela (09-21-2009) Outspoken critic of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez summoned by prosecutors; may not appear

Obama: Democracy needs unbiased news Toldeo Blade, Ohio (09-20-2009) President tells reporters: Journalism ethics essential in new media environment.

Reporting a coup is risky business (09-21-2009) Two student journalists examine volatile history, urge accountability for Fiji media.

Journalist’s rescue turns tragic Telegraph/UK (09-10-09) Times reporter rescued but four others killed: The unique dangers of reporting from Afghan war zone.

Dilemma for NYT tech reporter New York Times/US (09-05-09)Tech columnist writes software manual and then reviews it – conflict of interest?

Cuban bloggers offer alternative news Committee to Protect Journalists (09-10-09) CPJ analysis shows vibrant growth of ‘citizen journalism’ in Cuba.

Will new code stifle coverage? MMEGI Online/Botswana (09-10-09) Online newspaper in Botswana slams restrictions on broadcast  coverage of elections.

August 2009

Tabloid tale spurs boycott SwedishWire (08-23-2009) Free press issue? Stockholm tabloid’s sensational charges provoke Israeli boycott of Ikea.

PR firm screens reporters Stars and Stripes (08-24-2009) Pentagon hires Rendon Group to determine reporter bias before embedding in Afghanistan.

Jakarta bomb coverage Jakarta Globe (08-20-2009) Government blames media for helping terrorists spread fear.

Freetown journo warns colleagues AllAfrica/Concord Times, Sierra Leone (08-13-2009) Chair of journalists group calls on reporters to heed ethics, resist being “used” by politicians.

NYT firing sparks ethics talk Center for American Progress (08-13-2009) New York Times fires econ columnist Ben Stein, highlights industry conflicts of interest.

Ethics training in Bangladesh AsiaMedia/TheDailyStar, Bangladesh (08-11-2009) Program on standards helps Bangladeshi journalists navigate new information rights law.

July 2009

“One Newspaper, Many Checkbooks” Poynter Institute (07-28-2009) New business model raises new ethical question: Do financial contributions skew objectivity?

Terrorist trial by media? Jakarta Post/Indonesia (07-26-/2009) Indonesian journalist: Coverage of Jakarta bombings reckless & irresponsible

Politicians “play” reporters The New Vision/Uganda (07-27-2009) African leaders switch roles with journalists at “peace hub” gathering, question negative coverage.

Cronkite and credibility Hindustan Times/India (07-29-2009) Broadcast editor urges journalists in India to follow the late anchor’s example.

Al Jazeera in West Bank AlJazeera English/Qatar (07-19-2009) Palestinian govt. readmits Al Jazeera but promises legal action.

WP ombud’s blog Washington Post (7-10-2009) Ethicists & editors weigh in on health care pay-to-play flap.

Press corruption in Liberia (7-14-2009) Truth & Reconciliation Commission slams Liberian media and recommends overhaul.

J-ethics & privacy Reuters/London (07-13-2009) Aggressive NewsCorp tactics prompt call to redefine “public interest”

Gotcha entertainment? New York Times (07-13-2009) New NBC “terror-catchers” show raises ethical questions for network, producers

Ethics & undercover news Malaysian Bar/Malaysia (7-13-2009) Checking on rumor that church was converting Muslims, Al-Islam reporter partakes in Catholic ritual

Washington Post: Not alone? (07-03-2009) The Post is taking the heat, but it’s not the only news organization soliciting cash from corporate interests.

Covering Mexico’s drug trade Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas (07-01-2009)Knight offers free online course for reporting on illegal drug traffic.

June 2009

New ethics code for Bahrain Gulf Daily News (06-29-2009) Journalist Assn counters news bias & corruption with help from NYTimes

J-school on YouTube Financial Post/Canada (06-29-2009) New “Reporters Center” brings mainstream news instruction to citizen journalists

News about journalist delayed New York Times/US (06-29-2009) NYT & Wikipedia suppressed story of Taliban kidnapping for 7 months

J-ethics and social media Editors Weblog/USA (06-19-2009) Twitter’s role in Iran crisis: How American j-schools are adapting.

Despite GreenDam, censorship thwarted AlJazeera English/Qatar (06-21-09) Citizen journalists in central China spread word of protest on video.

Portrait of reporting from Burma Shan Herald (06-22-09) Burmese journalists navigate professional & ethical land mines

New law muzzles journalists MmegiOnline (06-22-09) “Media Practitioners Act” under fire in Botswana for targeting journalists

Reporter ethics v. police demands Belfast Telegraph (06-12-09) Judge may soon force Irish journalist to hand over evidence of IRA interviews.

Microblogging & news Mediashift/PBS (06-08-2009) Aussie reporter examines Twitter’s impact on working journalists.

UK saga continues MailOnline/UK (06-09-2009) MP expense scandal: Focus shifts from government ethics to media ethics.

Facebook: public or private? (06-10-2009) Reporter’s Facebook comment draws reprimand from AP bosses.

Students launch indy media The Daily Star/Lebanon (6-2-09) Lebanese students frustrated with mainstream news.

May 2009

Cairo conference on Arab media AlBabawaba (5-30-09) Harvard Alumni conference looks at media’s growing role in Arab world.

Indian official decries “paid news” The Hindu/News Update (5-22-09) Chair of India’s press council calls on journalists to uphold ethical standards, resist trafficking in “disinformation”

Privacy vs right to know on NPR? National Public Radio (5-22-09) NPR declines to ‘out” gay politicians via movie review: NPR ombud explains the dilemma

Ethics & the MP expense scandal (5-23-09) UK Daily Telegraph’s explosive story about lavish spending by Parliament is raising eyebrows — and ethical questions.

Pakistani broadcasters discuss ethics Associated Press/Pakistan (5-6-09) Will media self-regulation help fledgling democracy in Pakistan?

Reporters’ poverty bad for J-ethics? Philippine Information Agency (5-6-09) Senior journalists caution young reporters about ethical standards.

April 2009

News vs marketing @ Chicago Trib Chicago Sun Times (4/30/09) 55 Trib staffers challenge management via e-mail

Moroccan bloggers adopt ethics code (4-30-09) New association defends Internet publishing rights.

“Crooked tracker” story sparks ethics debate – (4-17-09) TV station exposes business competitor without disclosing financial interest.

NewsCorp creates “news-sharing” unit Reuters (4-14-09) Owner of Wall St. Journal, MySpace, Fox News to bundle newsgathering.

Press Council declines added power Jakarta Post (4-2-09) Indonesian council will remain “ethics watchdog.”

Can responsible journalism foster peace? Associated Press of Pakistan (4-15-09) NGO panel says media ethics are key to peaceful India-Pakistan relations.

New editorial policy for JAMA (03-26-09)
Medical journal JAMA muzzles whistleblowers with new editorial policy

Nyasa Times publishes false story  (03-31-09)
Malawi newspaper under fire over false report

Belarus Association of Journalists BelPress (03-27-09)
Who will write new ethical rules for journalists?

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